iD #06: The Dark Forces Of Motivation


Where does your willpower come from? What motivates you to do the things you do, especially in the face of obstacles? It's all in your head...

While some people are able to activate a super-motivational force that compels them to exceed their limits, others find they consistently fall short of success. They are being sabotaged by own their brain.

Neurologists, psychologists, and brain researchers examine the hidden neural pathways of motivation in this issue of iD. Read about the areas of the brain that govern our ability to persevere, as well as those responsible for demotivating us into throwing in the towel. Learn techniques to strengthen your willpower and increase your endurance from the toughest elite military unit on the planet — the Navy SEALs.

Power, sex, money, connections: Explore the dark forces of motivation...

Issue: 1112

Publication Date: 10/21/11

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